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Residential Development

The Norwest Town Centre Residential Development aims to provide a choice of housing including;

• Villa Housing
• Town Houses
• Apartment Buildings

to meet the needs of different people and to cater for a variety of lifestyle expectations. It is also strives to offer alternative dwelling types to those currently available at Norwest.

In keeping with the extensive structured open space network of the Business Park, the new residential area is to be designed as a collection of buildings within a parkland setting. Views from buildings within the site to adjacent open spaces including Norwest Lake are to be maximised.

Buildings are to incorporate a palette of materials and construction techniques that not only respond to existing buildings adjacent to the site, but also create a unique identity for this residential community.

The existing buildings of the Town Centre, in association with Norwest Lake, provide a central focus and landmark for the Business Park and create a strong identity for the Town Centre.The Norwest Town Centre Residential Development must respect and respond to the scale and character of the commercial buildings in the Town Centre whilst providing a continuity of building forms which is sympathetic to the adjacent residential areas (existing and proposed).

The new residential buildings are to illustrate a subtle transformation of architectural types from the large scale, simple, modern Town Centre commercial buildings to the eclectic detached dwellings within Bella Vista Waters. Residential buildings adjacent to the commercial buildings of the Town Centre are to be large scale to complement the existing buildings but are to be articulated to create smaller scale components. They are to possess a level of detail and warmth that provides a high quality residential appearance and promotes a sense of ownership by residents.

East Precinct

The East Precinct is to provide apartment buildings in a landscaped parkland setting. The density of apartment buildings are to reflect the scale of the commercial buildings located in the Norwest Business Park adjoining Solent Circuit.

Central Precinct

The Central Precinct will comprise lower scale apartments, interspersed with groupings of townhouses and small lot integrated housing. Development in this precinct will maintain the high quality landscaping that flows through from the parkland setting established in the Norwest Business Park.

West Precinct

The West Precinct will consist of small lot integrated housing, town houses and apartments. Small lot integrated housing will front Strangers Creek. Townhouses will be located along the northern boundary and the Apartment block will front Fairway Drive.

Source: The Hills Shire Council

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